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Riviera ARC Xmas Party

On Monday 10 December, RARC held their first Xmas Party and the club provided a free buffet for members.

Riviera ARC Xmas Party 2012
Pictured (L-R): Dawn (XYL of Roger), Dave M6DPG, Denis 2E0DBQ, Steve G6UIM (seated), John M6GSW, Paul M0PBT, Steve G7AHP (seated), Alan G2DXU (seated), Hugh 2E0HOO, Ted G7UGT, Emma SWL (seated), Paul M0PBT (seated), Steph G4XKH, Paul 2E0XVI (seated), Dave G4OTU, Conor M6CON, Roger 2E0GHR (seated). Photo taken by Eddie M0EDY.