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Club of the Year presentation 2015


Bob M6DFY, Ian G6TEQ, Alan G2DXU, Ian 2E0IDP, Pam G7SME, Ann M6RWJ, John 2E0JNP, Ted G7UGT, Derek G8KOV. Steph G4XKH is taking the picture.

Pam Helliwell G7SME, the RSGB Region 11 district manager presented Riviera ARC with a trophy for winning the Club of the Year award for the Small club category for the Southwest & Channel Islands.

John Perry M6GSW, the club chairman gratefully accepted the trophy on behalf of the club.
Steph Foster G4XKH, the club secretary said “I’m really
excited that RARC has received this accolade.
We are really trying to push the club forward in innovative ways.


We are pleased to announce that Riviera ARC has a new club callsign – GX3AH will join our existing callsign MX0RIV – and would we like to take this opportunity to thank John D. Wightman ZL1AH for making this possible.

G3AH QSL card 1938John was assigned G3AH in November 1937 after taking the Morse test and upgrading from his ‘artificial aerial’ licence 2AOV which he had held since June 1936. Less than two years after first getting G3AH on air, World War 2 put a stop to amateur radio activities, though some young hams found a new role. After volunteering to become part of the Civilian Wireless Reserve (CWR) in response to the appeal by the RSGB, John ended up in France with the RAF within 3 days of war being declared. John’s story about the Civilian Wireless Reserve, nicknamed “Early Birds” by the RSGB makes fascinating reading.

After hostilities ceased, G3AH was back on air, but then John moved to New Zealand in 1950 and G3AH became silent, except for a brief airing in 1974 when he visited England again. John has been active in amateur radio for 76 years and has 370 confirmed ‘DXCC entities’.

During service in the RAF in WW2, John met Bob Lever 2DXU. Bob’s callsign was upgraded to G2DXU in 1946 and is now held by RARC Secretary Alan Wyatt.

GX3AH with the ‘X’ signifying that the callsign is that of an English club, will be active again almost 75 years after first being heard on the airwaves.

Thank you, John ZL1AH
[Many thanks dear friend, fine business. Best wishes from Alan and all at Riviera ARC]

Euro 2012 Awards

EFC 2012There are 3 awards relating to the UEFA European Football Championships which take place in June/July in Poland and Ukraine. The special event stations are on air from 1 June – 5 July 2012.


Polish EFC 2012
1 June – 5 July 2012

25 points from contacts with SP/UR 2012 Special Event Stations
QSOs with the following organizing stations are 2 points each:
* PZK: SN2012PZPN, HF2012EFC, 3Z2012EFC, SN2012GD, SN2012PO, SN2012WA, SN2012WR
* UARL: EM2012EFC, EN2012EFC, EO2012EFC, EN2012L, EN2012I, EN2012W, EN2012U

See: Polish EFC 2012 Award
See also: UEFA Euro 2012 www.uefa.com/uefaeuro

UR-SP EFC 2012

1 June – 5 July 2012

50 QSOs with the 16 nations in EURO 2012, including at least one of each of the 16 nations.
The 16 entities are:

  • Croatia (9A)
  • Czech Republic (OK)
  • Denmark (OZ)
  • England (G/M/2)
  • France (F)
  • Germany (DJ)
  • Greece (SV)
  • Italy (I)
  • Netherlands (PA)
  • Poland (SP)
  • Portugal (CT)
  • Ireland (EI)
  • Russia (R)
  • Spain (EA)
  • Sweden SM)
  • Ukraine (UR)

See: UR-SP EFC 2012 Award
See also: UEFA Euro 2012 www.uefa.com/uefaeuro


1 June – 1 July 2012

20 points from working Special Event Stations from Kharkov.
Calls: EM2012LL, EM2012LS, EM2012LWY, EN2012LTX, EO2012LBL, EO2012LD, EO2012LE, EO2012LX, EO2012LF, EO2012LN.

See: KRARS EFC 2012 Award
See also: UEFA Euro 2012 www.uefa.com/uefaeuro