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RSGB Centenary Award

The Radio Society of Great Britain celebrates its centenary in 2013 and among events planned to mark the occasion are a special RSGB Centenary Callsign and an award to go with it, the RSGB Centenary Award.

RSGB Centenary Award

The RSGB Centenary Award will be open to all radio amateurs throughout the year. The RSGB Centenary Callsign will tour the UK over a period of 12 months including the Centenary day (5 July) at the National Radio Centre, Bletchley Park. The award will comprise of four levels: Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum. All that is required is a copy of your log showing the days/times that you worked the required number of special events. Bronze needs 5 contacts at different locations, Silver is 15 contacts at different locations, Gold is 25 contacts at different locations and Platinum is 30 contacts at different locations plus the NRC station on Centenary weekend (5/6 July). The award will be open to all radio amateurs and SWLs worldwide.

Mark Allgar, MIMPA
RSGB Commercial Manager


This information is now out of date and the correct award details can be found at www.rsgb.org/centenaryaward

RGSB Centenary Callsign G100RSGB

Riviera ARC will be hosting the RGSB Centenary Callsign G100RSGB for 2 days during the period 26 Mar 2013 – 22 Apr 2013 (dates to be announced), and will issue a special QSL card for stations making contact during those 2 days.