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RARC 1 (links to our Riviera ARC website home page)

Riviera Amateur Radio Club

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<a href="http://www.rivieraarc.org.uk/" 
title="Riviera Amateur Radio Club">
<img title="Riviera Amateur Radio Club" 
alt="Riviera Amateur Radio Club" 
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GB4TBL 1 (links to our GB4TBL special event station page)

GB4TBL - SOS Radio Week Special Event Station

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<a href="http://www.rivieraarc.org.uk/eventsa/gb4tbl/" 
title="Riviera Amateur Radio Club">
<img title="GB4TBL - SOS Radio Week Special Event Station" 
alt="GB4TBL - SOS Radio Week Special Event Station" 
width="600" height="150" /></a></div>

SOS Radio Week – GB4TBL

GB4TBL – Special Event Station

We are pleased to announce that Riviera Amateur Radio Club will be operating a Special Event Station (SES) with the callsign GB4TBL at Beacon Quay, Torquay Harbour on 28th January 2012 in support of SOS Radio Week, an event in which radio hams raise awareness and funds for the RNLI and which coincides with the RNLI SOS Day fundraising events at lifeboat stations around the country.

SOS Radio Week runds from 21st January til the 29th January 2012. Although we may operate during this week for short times, our main event is on Saturday 28th January 2012. We shall be operating on the 2m band and HF on 40m. Our expected operating frequencies include 145.500MHz / 145.425MHz and also Torbay repeater GB3TR on 145.650MHz, as well as the Sidmouth repeater GB3SW on 145.7125MHz along with Echolink via MB7IEX at Exmouth and MB7ITB at Paignton. We are currently looking into using digital modes and APRS via the International Space Station (ISS).
For up to date information on our operating frequencies follow our @RivieraARC Twitter account.


The 2012 Torbay Lifeboat Crew SOS Day Challenge aims to raise £10,000 for Lifeboat crew equipment. The Torbay Lifeboat crew aim to row a heritage 38ft wooden lifeboat from St Mary's Bay, Brixham to Beacon Cove, Torquay, via Paignton. Meanwhile, the wives and girlfriends of the crew will 'pull' an inshore lifeboat by road from the lifeboat station through Brixham to Paignton Pier and then on to Haldon Pier to meet the rowing crew. This event takes place on 28th January 2012.

SOS Radio Week Award

An award is available to radio amateurs that contact registered SOS Radio Week stations (including ours): see SOS Radio Week Awards for details.

More information is available on our GB4TBL web page http://www.rivieraarc.org.uk/events/gb4tbl/ and our QRZ entry can be found at http://www.qrz.com/db/GB4TBL. Additionally, upates and photos will also appear on our Facebook page.

Please donate to the RNLI through our Just Giving page.

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