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RARC has a new home

Riviera ARC now have a new venue at the Acorn Youth & Community Centre in Barton, Torquay.

We meet from 1930-21:30 on the first and third Thursdays of each month. The centre has kindly agreed to allow us to put up permanent antennas which should allow us to run HF & VHF on club nights.

The Acorn centre has a kitchen area for hot drinks, vending machines and free access to their wifi.

Hopefully as the year progresses we will be able to host talks on radio related matters and demonstrations of some of the newer data transmission modes.

Last year’s demo’s included how the ADB-S traffic system allows us to plot and follow airplanes in Real Time moving around Europe. A similar system works for sea going traffic.

We also had a video on how the German “Knickerbein” or “Crooked Leg” system allowed german bombers to approach their targets in total darkness.

We hope this year to host videos on the German Enigma system and demos on the JT-65 low power data mode and the new digital Slow Scan TV system known as EasyPal as well as many of the other obscure data modes too.

An intro to the Automatic Position Reporting System known as APRS and how hams can use this in both ham operations and its potential for disaster relief operations.

Foundation training starts in earnest in February and hopefully we will be adding some new friends to the club. G4XKH has offered to run practice sessions in slow Morse Code for those old or new who might be interested

All in all, I foresee that 2014 could turn out to be a very bright and interesting year for the club.