The Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Rally, Germany.

This rally is based as far south in Bavaria, Germany as is possible and sits on the northern edge of Lake Constance or as the Germans call it Bodensee. Austria and Switzerland both border the lake also.

If you plan on booking accommodation, it is highly advisable that you do so at least a month or two beforehand as demand will be high. The Tourist Information Office at Friedrichshafen are very helpful and can put you in contact with many hotels or B&Bs.

If you have a car or mobile home you could cross the English Channel and drive through France and down into Germany. However this is a very tiring trip and an overnight stop would be advisable.

A possible easier way might be flying from the UK to Zurich in Switzerland. Once clear of customs etc you can leave the airport and enter the railway station directly opposite.
Purchase your tickets from the sales office or from a ticket machine and proceed to the lower level and check the departure screen for the intercity train to Romanshorn.

Lake Constance also known as Bodensee

A ferry service connects a number of towns around the lake and
during the summer there are regular trips scheduled. The trip from Zurich to Romanshorn takes about one hour, Romanshorn lies on the southern side of the lake.

Once you get off at Romanshorn, look for the subway from the railway station to the ferry berths. You could enjoy a cool beer at the harbourside cafe whilst waiting for the ferry to arrive. They run regularly in the summer months.

The Friedrichshafen ferry departs from Berth 5 and takes approximately 30 minutes to cross the lake. Tickets are purchasable on the boat.

The train station and bus station are within 1-2 mins walk from the ferry arrival point. A free bus regularly travels to / from the harbour bus station to the exhibition centre. Watch out for the sign Ham Radio.

The rally has a truly international flavour with many ham wearing T-shirts with callsigns from all over Europe and further afield including the US.
All the major manufacturers showcase their latest new products and many other vendors will be there too. Printed shirts and emroidered caps are on sale as well as the RSGB book stall and the US Amateur Radio Relay League stand.
There is usually a large “flea market” area and often the “Maker Fair” event is co-located at the rally at no extra cost.

There are a large number of vendors of typical german foods and beers will be found in the middle of the two sides of the exhibition centre.
It can get truly enjoyable mixing with foreign hams and having one of the many excellent german beers.
There are also many bars & cafes along the harbourside so you may like an evening out.

Enjoy the rally ! 73 88