2019 Gallery

7th birthday of Riviera ARC

The first Foundation course of 2019 saw three new licences entering the hobby.

James M7JKM, Joshua M7JAM and Tim M7TTM.

 Special event station GB8AFD

Little Ian looks for contacts on HF
Steve G7AHP works the VHF station
Steph G4XKH running the HF station

2019 Club barbecue

Chef Ian G6TEQ slaves on the grill

Little Ian, Master of the rolls

Lawrence, Andy, Phil, Debs, Andy & Denise

Enjoying a good natter

Steph, Steve, Ann, Lawrence and Andy.
M6HFD Lobster & Steph G4XKH

Battle of Britain special event station

The Riviera team
Big Ian & Steve
The VHF/UHF antenna farm
PCZ breaking DX gangsta style !