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Riviera ARC

Riviera ARC ran a special event station for SOS Radio Week on Sat 18th May.
We ran three stations on VHF FM, HF SSB and HF FT8. We managed a large number of contacts and fun was had by all.

Airfields on the Air 2019

Riviera ARC will be activating the former RAF Haldon on 6th April 2019 as part of RAFARS Airfields on the Air event.We will be working 40m and 2m and other bands as conditions allow.

Royal Air Force ARS

7th anniversary

Riviera ARC will be celebrating its birthday on the 17th of Jan 2012.

We will be having jolly japes and cake will be available. Please join us and celebrate the date.


Battle of Britain Day 15th Sept 2018

Riviera ARC will be running a special event station on National Battle of Britain Day this coming weekend. We wish to thank all those who participated in any way whether they were ground crews or aircrews. Whether they were RAF or foreign allied forces.

This event was pivotal in changing the direction of WW2 and we wish to commemmorate all those for their service and sacrifices. Never was so much owed by so many to so few.
Per Ardua Ad Astra !

Riviera ARC AGM 2018

This years annual general meeting will be on 20th September at the Precinct Centre in St Marychurch. If you wish to nominate committee members or add agenda items please let the Secretary know before the 30th August 2018. NO items for discussion will be accepted on the night !

If you wish to vote please ensure you have renewed your subs. No subs means no vote.