Silent Keys

Past Members of the Riviera ARC

Paul Brock

– 2016-7-24

Paul joined the Riviera Amateur Radio Club in January 2012 at the founding meeting of the club. He was also a member of the Watcombe Radio Club, where he had gained his Foundation and Intermediate licences. ‘Little Paul’ as he was known among fellow hams, was an ever-present listener on local repeaters, particularly GB3TR, and a well-known voice on the airwaves across South Devon. His interests included HF, VHF, UHF and data modes, but he really enjoyed ‘homebrew’ and he spent much of his time constructing and testing antennas. Paul was also known for his love of radio rallies and would attend as many as he could, often picking up the best bargains. He was always willing to help others in the hobby and would assist hams where he could. He also had a habit of monitoring club nets, only to come in if there was a technical question or often just at the close, giving his callsign and saying goodnight. This earned him the nickname ‘John Boy’ after the closing credits of the Waltons tv show. The voice of 2E0XVI will be missed on the airwaves and we shall miss our friend.
“Goodnight John Boy, 73”

Sam Bell

1929 – 2012

Sam joined RARC in June 2012. He was licenced in 1989 and enjoyed radio construction. He was also a member of the Widnes and Runcorn ARC where he was part of the training team.