GB8AFD Day 1

The day started poorly with copious amounts of rain lashing down and at one point we thought the event might be a wash-out. Thankfully after 1030 ish the dark clouds moved away and we were left with a workable window of opportunity between smaller rain showers.

The club gazebo was erected with the kind help of G7AHP Steve, M6GSW & M6HFD Lobster. John put up the Carolina Windom antenna and Steve put up a HB9CV for VHF.

Despite heavy QRM and QRN, we managed to work a variety of UK stations including a husband and wife M6 couple from John O’ Groats at the end of the day. This just goes to show how dedicated our small team of operators is and the lengths we will go to for an excuse to play radio.

The plan for the 2nd day is to run data modes, most likely PSK and JT65 with an option for Olivia and Hellschreiber should there be the interest.