AOTA 2014

2014’s AotA in April this year brought some interesting challenges. Fog, cold, wind and a pervasive soaking wet mist heralded the start of the day and no one was sure the event would even happen. However, RARCers are made of stronger stuff and John M6GSW, Lobster M6HFD and Steph G4XKH were determined to make the best of it.
Lobster and John battled the elements to get an Off-Centre fed dipole aka the Carolina Windom up at about 35 feet.
Once the antenna was suitable guyed and restrained we set up shop on 40 metres and dove straight into to hunting down some other AotA stations and worked GB4STB (Raf Stanbridge) and sent a number of greetings message to a collection of air cadets at Stanbridge.
Our two Foundation candidates Ian and Ann turned up to show moral support and Ian passed some greetings messages to other stations.
All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day despite the weather. QSL’s were dispatched to the bureau and we hope to receive some in return. Well done RARCers !